Mission, Vision, Values

  • Generate sustainable growth throughout the value chain;
  • Become an industry leader in every facet of operations;
  • Maximise return to stakeholders while helping to stimulate local and regional socio-economic development;
  • Create added value through a talented and motivated workforce and the effective use of technology
  • To develop professional and dedicated resources in becoming the preferred Shipping & Logistics provider
  • No effort is too small

    > I go the extra mile providing solutions to solve problems

    > I add value at every opportunities

    > I deliver with pride and passion

    > I contribute and work for common success!

    > I am result oriented

  • Objectively address every issue

    > I take every situation with a positive mindset!

    > I want to understand the targeted result in all situation!

    > I want to look for options to ensure a positive response!

    > I will avoid taking it personal, be objective and act professionally!

    > I look inwardly to improve and avoid finger pointing

  • Value and support each other

    > I focus on what I can do for you and deliver on my promise!

    > I take the lead to understand and respect each other!

    > I look to integrate the knowledge and skill sets in our team for maximum results!

    > I share my experience and knowledge to grow our people!

    > I respect and appreciate my colleagues’ effort and results

  • Aim for quality services

    > I target to understand my customer’s needs!

    > I strategize to meet their service expectations and standards!

    > I keep to the targeted deadline and deliver with quality!

    > I minimise costing without comprising service quality!

    > I continuously improve services to build company’s reputation

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